Business Process Management Activities

Single business process models generally represent only a portion of an entire business process solution. Typically, users configure multiple business process models to work together to accomplish each business goal. Sterling B2B Integrator is equipped to manage complex operations, but following good design and maintenance practices also helps to ensure that Sterling B2B Integrator is optimized for best performance.

Because business process models are likely to have decision points and interrelated subprocesses, creating business process models may be complicated by the need to manage many business processes at the same time. Often, a business process shares aspects of other business processes, such as access to the same software applications, use of the same B2B processing standards, and use of the same resources in Sterling B2B Integrator.

Managing your business process models involves the following tasks:

  • Planning the most efficient processes to achieve your business objectives
  • Determining Sterling B2B Integrator components needed to complete the tasks in the processes
  • Configuring business process model components
  • Creating business process models
  • Testing process models
  • Implementing your business process models in Sterling B2B Integrator
  • Modifying business process models as your changing needs require them to grow, shrink, change, merge, and split
  • Keeping records of the process models you create, use, and modify, for reference

Your business process models are Sterling B2B Integrator resources, meaning, you can save them to an offline directory and import and export the files as needed from one copy of Sterling B2B Integrator to another.

Your business process management goal is to maximize the usefulness and efficiency of the process models you create, while minimizing the work involved in creating and maintaining them. To help minimize set-up time, Sterling B2B Integrator includes a number of predefined business process models that you may be able to use. In addition, follow Sterling B2B Integrator best practices for business process creation so that your processes run at the maximum system performance possible for your activities.

For detailed information about planning and creating your business process models, see Planning Your Business Process Models.