Example Integration Points Table

Using the Customer Order Processing process example, you can see the activities in which documents move from one system to another. The table does not name specific applications as you should for your actual plan.

The following example table identifies the activities in which documents move from one system to another, within the example Customer Order Processing process (for information, see Identifying Business NeedsIdentifying Business Needs), but this table does not name specific applications, as you should do for your actual plan:

Step Activities Integration Points/Adapters
1. Order entry
  • EDI orders enter system through communication adapters or the EDI VAN.
Receipt through bootstrap adapter such as the File system adapter or an HTTP, AS2, or FTP adapter.
2. Order processing
  • Orders are translated into a format the order processing system uses.
  • Order documents are sent to the order processing application.
  • Picktickets are produced and sent to warehouse.
Translation from incoming EDI format into the format for:
  • The order processing system
  • Any backend system for storing order entry records to which the data may be routed
  • Any other systems used for tasks such as credit checks, approvals, etc.
  • Pickticket system

For example, translation may involve an incoming EDI 810 being transformed into an SAP IDOC.

3. Order fulfillment
  • Orders picked.
  • Items scanned for data routing to inventory control and order system.
  • Shipping records sent to data processing.
  • Humans interact with pickticket data to fulfill orders. Use human interaction service to display pickticket data.
  • Resume automation when humans electronically send shipping records to data processing systems. This involves adapter/translation steps from scanner data entry format into the format for other systems.
4. Data processing
  • Order data updated.
  • Invoice data generated.
  • Data sent to Accounts Receivable application.
  • Data sent to Inventory Control application.
  • Use B2B adapters such as the AS2 adapter, SOAP adapter, or HTTP and FTP adapters, to send data to appropriate applications and initiate steps 5 and 6.
5. Inventory control
  • Inventory control system records updated.
  • Business process for for augmenting inventory may be initiated.
  • Bootstrap adapter, such as the HTTP Server adapter or FTP Server adapter, initiates inventory-related process.
6. Accounts receivable
  • Invoices are processed.
  • Statements are produced.

After you have completed Stage 5, you are ready to plan the best structure for your process models. Proceed to Organizing Your Business Process ModelsOrganizing Your Business Process Models.