Before Using HandleSOAPRequest

You must complete a series of tasks before using HandleSOAPRequest.

Before you use the HandleSOAPRequest business process, you must complete the following tasks:

  • Configure the SOAP Inbound service.
  • Configure a related B2B HTTP Server adapter so that it is configured for raw messages, has the same URI as the SOAP Inbound service, and is associated with the HandleSOAPRequest business process.
  • Create the business process that processes the SOAP message where Sterling B2B Integrator is the final receiver. Depending on your needs, you may need to assign values to several parameters before using the HandleSOAPRequest business process.

    The following table identifies parameters for various SOAP functions and the values you must specify:

    Required SOAP Function SOAP Parameter Parameter Values
    SOAP enveloping on primary document before posting ADD_SOAP_ENVELOPING True = add SOAP enveloping (default).
    Digitally sign a SOAP message SIGN_WITH_KEY Type the exact name of the digital certificate.
    Envelope namespace prefix for SOAP message SOAPEnvNSPrefix Type the envelope namespace prefix. ADD_SOAP_ENVELOPING must also be true.
    Distinguish whether expected response is a SOAP message RESPOND_NON_SOAP True = response is not a SOAP message.

    False = response is a SOAP message.

    Envelope namespace for SOAP message SOAPEnvNSURI Type the envelope namespace.