JMS 1.1 Pool Parameters Modification

Before you edit pool parameters, you should review these considerations.

Review the following before you edit pool parameters:
  • When you edit the pool parameters in the JMS 1.1 Acquire Connection Session service or the JMS 1.1 Async Adapter, a new pool gets created. This ensures that you do not end up editing an existing JMS pool which is already in use.
  • A pool, in the case of services or adapters, is represented as poolName_<unique id>. If you edit a pool parameter, but not the pool name, you might end up seeing same poolname_<different unique id> multiple times. Whenever you edit pool parameters, you should also change the pool name.
  • If you shut down the adapter, the pool is not shut down. The pool has to be manually shut down.
  • Pools can not be shared between adapters.
  • For services, pools can be shared by sharing the same JMS 1.1 Acquire Connection and Session service across business processes.

  • For adapters, you should disable the adapter, shut down the pool and then edit the parameters and re-enable the adapter to avoid seeing multiple pools with same name.