JMS 1.1 Pool Creation

The JMS 1.1 Acquire Connection and Session service is responsible for creating the JMS pool. To fully utilize the JMS pool, you should share the same JMS 1.1 Acquire Connection and Session service (when connecting to the same server using the same parameters).

If a business process is using the JMS1.1 connection pool and is created during the first business process run, the same pool can be used by other JMS business processes by using the same JMS 1.1 Acquire Connection and Session service.

When using JMS 1.1 Async Receive Adapter, a JMS pool gets created as soon as an adapter instance is started. All the parameters that affect the pool remain the same in the services, but in the case of an adapter, the pool has always one connection and as many sessions as the number of concurrent consumers. The pool name is the same as the name of the adapter instance_<some unique id>. If you shut down the adapter, it does NOT shut down the pool. The pool has to be manually shut down. For services, where the pools can be shared by sharing the same JMS 1.1 Acquire Connection and Session service across business processes, the pools can not be shared between adapters.

As JMS pools ensure high performance, the pools are not shut down after the business process completes. You need to manually shut down the pools, when the connection to the JMS provider is no longer required.

JMS pools can be checked using the JMX or using the POOL_LIST or the SEGMENTED_POOL_LIST in the JMS 1.1 Release Connection service. The pools listed in the POOL_LIST were created using the Sterling B2B Integrator dynamic class path, while the pools listed in the SEGMENTED_POOL_LIST were created using the custom class loader.