Using nCipher and SafeNet/Eracom Network and PCI Devices

Sterling B2B Integrator 5.2.2 or higher provides support for nCipher and Safenet/Eracom.

Sterling B2B Integrator supports the following nCipher and Safenet/Eracom devices:
Manufacturer Device Types Supported
nCipher Supports:
  • nShield series of PCI cards
  • NetHSM network devices
Safenet/Eracom Supports:
  • ProtectServer Gold PCI card
  • ProtectServer Gold External network device
  • ProtectServer Orange PCI card
  • ProtectServer Orange External network device

Configure your Hardware Security Module (HSM)

Install and configure cards or HSMs according to the vendor's instructions. Ensure that java runtime components are available to interact with the device.

Sterling B2B Integrator Features for HSM Support

An entry is stored in the CERTS_AND_PRI_KEY table by Sterling B2B Integrator for each key pair and certificate. This entry contains information about:
  • Keys and certificates, including the validity period, serial number, usage restrictions, issuer and subject used by the UI to display to the user without having to actually access the key or certificate
  • Normalizations of the distinguished name used by the system in searches
  • Modifications to the record
  • Certificate revocation status information
  • Keystore type
  • References to a binary keystore object stored in the DATA_TABLE. When a software keystore is used, the referenced object may contain key material. In the case of an HSM, it contains either reference information (nCipher) or a placeholder (Eracom).