PGP Migration Utility

You can use the PGP Migration Utility to update the Trading Partner accounts to modify 8-bit external key IDs to 16-bit Native PGP public key IDs.

You must ensure the following:
  • Sterling B2B Integrator database is up and running.
  • PGP public keys are migrated from external PGP to the Native PGP key store before using the PGP Migration Utility.

For optimal performance, it is suggested to stop the Sterling B2B Integrator server before you begin migration.

  1. Go to the install_dir/bin directory.
  2. Run one of the following commands:
    Unix: -c community-name [-debug] -p <text-to-identify-partners | all> [-debug] -c community-name -p text-to-identify-partners [-debug]
    PGPPartnerKeysMigration.cmd -c community-name [-debug]
    PGPPartnerKeysMigration.cmd -p <text-to-identify-partners | all> [-debug]
    PGPPartnerKeysMigration.cmd -c community-name -p text-to-identify-partners [-debug]
    All the available parameters are listed below:
    Option Description
    -c Optional. Specifies the Sterling File Gateway Community Name.

    It must be an exact string match.

    -p Optional. Specifies Sterling File Gateway Trading Partner.

    It can be an exact string match or contains a string match.

    For example: -p SFG_Partner 
    This updates all Trading Partner accounts containing the name "SFG_Partner"
    The command updates the following Trading Partners
    SFG_Partner, SFG_Partner_Test, Demo_SFG_Partner, SFG_Partner_PGP
    -all Optional. Indicates that all the Sterling File Gateway Trading partners with 8-bit public key IDs are updated.
    -debug Optional. Generates the log information in detail during execution. The log files are available at <INSTALL_DIR>/logs/pgp.log. By default, it is disabled.

    Before you proceed with the migration, you must take note of the following important points.

    • You must take a back up of the SCI_ENTITY_EXTNS table, since the migration process is irreversible.
    • You must indicate a 'Yes' or 'No' to a confirmation message to proceed with the migration after the system invokes the PGP Migration Utility.
    • The PGP Migration Utility supports pattern matching only for Trading Partner names.
      For example: In the below commands, the system updates all 8-bit public key IDs to 16-bit public key IDs for all Sterling File Gateway Trading Partner names that contain the text SFG_Partner.
    -c SFG_Community -p SFG_Partner -p SFG_Partner
    • The PGP Migration Utility supports migration of only 8-bit public key ID to 16-bit public key ID. If the public key ID is less than or greater than 8-bits, then you must manually update such keys.
The system generates PGPPartnerKeysMigrationReport.xml report indicating the success or failure of migration of Trading Partner public keys.