Introduction to B2B Services

The B2B services simplify sophisticated decisions, run business subprocesses, and send documents to trading partners through the appropriate transport protocol.

B2B services are preconfigured and installed as part of Sterling B2B Integrator. Therefore, you do not need to configure these services to use them.

B2B services are dynamic services, independent of transport protocols or adapters, trading profiles, and contracts, that determine how to exchange data between trading partners. By using these services in a business process, you can eliminate the need to configure many of the details necessary to define this data exchange.

To communicate with trading partners, you must define a trading partner record and use at least one of the following B2B services in every business process (unless you are using the EDIINT Message service):
  • B2B Lookup System Service
  • B2B Request/Response System Service
  • B2B Respond System Service
  • B2B Send System Service