Mandatory settings for Microsoft SQL Server

The default collation of Microsoft SQL Server must match the collation for the Sterling B2B Integrator database to prevent collation conversions.

The tempdb database that is used by Microsoft SQL Server must be created with the same collation as the default collation of Microsoft SQL Server. The Microsoft SQL Server uses the tempdb database for results that are too large to fit in memory.

If the collations of the tempdb database and the Sterling B2B Integrator database differ, the database engine must convert from the Sterling B2B Integrator collation to the tempdb collation, and then back again before it sends the results to the Sterling B2B Integrator server. These conversions might lead to severe performance issues.

The collation that is required for the Sterling B2B Integrator database is a collation that most closely matches the character set used by Java. By using this collation, you can avoid character data conversions before the data is stored in the database tables. Use the mandatory parameter that is described in the following table when you configure the collation setting:

Parameter Value
Database Collation SQL_Latin1_General_CP850_Bin

Additionally, you must perform these tasks:

  • Allow Microsoft SQL Server to manage memory dynamically (default).
  • Disable any antivirus software that is running on the Microsoft SQL Server data, transaction log, and binary files directory.