Edit the Lock Out Parameter

You can edit the lock out parameter from the properties directory.

To edit the lock out parameter:
  1. Stop IBM® Sterling B2B Integrator.
  2. Navigate to the installation directory.
  3. Navigate to the bin directory.
  4. Navigate to the properties directory.
  5. Locate the ui.properties.in.
  6. Using a text editor, open ui.properties.in.
  7. Locate the ConsecFailedAttempts= 0 entry.
  8. Highlight and change 0 to the new number of login attempts.
  9. Save the ui.properties.in file under the same name in the same location.
  10. Run the setupfiles script.
  11. Restart IBM Sterling B2B Integrator.
    The changes you made in the ui.properties.in file are applied to the ui.properties file and are applied to all user accounts.