Current Documents Parameters

The Current Documents parameters include status, document, processing ID, sender ID, receiver ID, correlations, and details.

The following are the available fields:

Field Name



Green or red traffic light indicates the processing status of the document:

  • Green status indicates no errors or warnings occurred during processing.
  • Red status indicates errors or warnings were encountered during processing.


Name of the document processed. This can be changed in the business process so that a meaningful name will appear instead of the default. Most pre-configured business processes already have the document name established. Click the document name to view the contents.

Note: You can change the meta data for your service to display a more meaningful document name, such as the document type, in Current Documents instead of the default name. The default display is the Body Name, if available, otherwise it is the document ID. Some services, such as EDI documents (EDIFACT, for example), are already configured to display the document type.
Note: Contents will not be viewable if encrypted or obscured.

Proc. ID

Processing ID assigned by Sterling B2B Integrator as an identification number. Click the Processing ID to view Business Process Details.

Sender ID

ID of the document sender as found in the document. If no ID is found, Sender ID is None.

Receiver ID

ID of the document receiver as found in the document. If no ID is found, Receiver ID is None.


Click the Correlations icon to view document correlations.


If document tracking is enabled at the business process level, you can view the document history by clicking on Details from the Current Documents page.