Tracking and Searching Capabilities

Sterling B2B Integrator provides several features to help you monitor operations, track the state of data in your processes, and search for the specific information you require.

For information about monitoring business processes, see Monitoring Business Process Operations. The following table describes the tracking and searching features:
Feature Description
Business Process Monitor

This page displays a list of the 10 active or most recent processes that have run. The page refreshes automatically and shows the status of the processes. From this list, you can access detailed, step-by-step information about process activity.

System logs

Sterling B2B Integrator generates log files. Currently, transaction data is collected for the operation servers and the J2EE environment.

Each operations server on a host has its own operations log file in the appropriate directory.

You can view the current log file's contents through portlets in the Sterling B2B Integrator interface. You can view older, stored log files in your directory by opening them in a text editor application.


The Reports feature allows you to supply different parameters to the report engine in order to organize your data and produce a report that is configured in a manner that is meaningful to you.

The Reports feature enables you to schedule the reports to be generated automatically, and automatically e-mail a report to a designated recipient.

The Reports feature also offers preconfigured reports that you can run as is or copy and edit to suit your requirements.

Interface search capabilities

The Sterling B2B Integrator interface supports a variety of simple and advanced searches. For example, you can perform a simple search to locate a business process by name, or an advanced search for a business process by specifying multiple criteria, including name, date, start time, and so on.

You can search for nearly any entity related to your use of the system, from system processes to sets of data used to regulate or enable processes. For example, you can search for:
  • Active, archived, and restored business processes.
  • Trading partner profiles and related data such as identities, transport, and packaging information, contracts and code lists; processing or processed documents; service activity information and service configurations; transaction information; maps, user accounts, and so on.

Sterling B2B Integrator does not allow you to search business processes that are both expired and purged.

Event Viewer

Sterling B2B Integrator does not allow you to search business processes that are both expired and purged.