Security considerations

Security for your Global Mailbox system must be planned and implemented as an integrated aspect of your deployment, and carefully monitored and administered to continue evolving to meet new risks as they form. By taking appropriate steps, your organization can minimize and mitigate threats.

Implementing a secure system involves the following key elements:
  • Trusted connections
  • Authentication of components
  • Authorization of users
  • Access control to data
  • Permissions
  • Audit-ability of events, including authentication events and access control changes
  • Configured firewalls

Global Mailbox relies on the connecting applications, such as Sterling B2B Integrator and Sterling File Gateway to authorize end users. Multiple applications can access the same mailboxes, depending on permissions. Careful management of users in all applications is necessary to ensure security.

Administrators are authenticated with a user ID and password. Certain parts of the Global Mailbox management tool can only be accessed by administrators. Because of the extensive privileges granted to administrators, the user ID and password must be carefully controlled, changed frequently, and adhere to strict rules for complexity. Delete the default administrator after you have created a unique one for your system.