Predefined Business Process Models

Predefined business process models are preconfigured business process models included with Sterling B2B Integrator for your convenience. These are like any other business process models that you create, in that, each consists of a series of software (and possibly, human) activities that accomplish a business goal.

Sterling B2B Integrator provides a limited number of predefined business process models that you can use when creating models for your own business processes. For a definition of business process and information about how Sterling B2B Integrator uses business process models, see Graphical Process Modeler.

The benefit of predefined process models is that you can use them as a starting point when you create your own models by modifying them as required, rather than starting from scratch.

Some predefined business processes are designed to work with specific Sterling B2B Integrator components in conjunction with other business processes; you can use these with the process models you create to save on the configuration steps when you create your process models.