Global Mailbox is a facility for creating a directory of mailboxes with submailboxes and hosting them across multiple data centers. Messages are created by Global Mailbox for applications (on behalf of trading partners, as application users) and stored in mailboxes.

A mailbox is a secure document payload repository. Mailboxes are secure because there is a permission model that controls who can access which mailbox.

By creating a network of multiple data centers that host mailboxes, the mailboxes can be available even if a data center is not operational. Other data centers in the network continue to perform the transactions. Data, including metadata, is replicated between the data centers.

Mailboxes are have the following features:
  • Mailboxes are organized in a hierarchical tree structure.
  • There is a root mailbox at the highest level in the directory structure.
  • Each mailbox can have only one parent.
  • Mailboxes can be created without an owner, until users or groups and permissions are assigned to them.
  • Mailboxes can contain the following items:
    • Messages
    • Other mailboxes
    • Permission information for specific users