Introduction to Sterling B2B Integrator

Sterling B2B Integrator is a transaction engine that runs the processes you define and manages them according to your business requirements.

Its platform supports high-volume electronic message exchange, complex routing, translation, and flexible interaction with multiple internal systems and external business partners. Sterling B2B Integrator:
  • Ties together applications, processes, data, and people, both within and outside your organization
  • Offers flexible options for deployment, configuration and customization, including the functionality to add capabilities one at a time
  • Complements, rather than disrupts, your critical existing systems
  • Provides a robust security infrastructure
  • Includes innovative visual management tools for easy configuration of and visibility into work flows, system and trading partner activities, translation maps, and business process implementation
  • Works with existing and emerging business and communication standards

Together, these features enable you to configure the components that enable you to meet your evolving application integration requirements.