Implementation Overview

Implementation of Sterling B2B Integrator requires a series of stages.

This section provides a sequential overview of the process to be followed in order to implement Sterling B2B Integrator. The information is designed to familiarize you with the general tasks for most users.

In order to use Sterling B2B Integrator you must complete a series of steps. The following table provides the process for implementing Sterling B2B Integrator:
Stage Description
1 Create architectural design plan.
2 Determine system and hardware requirements.
3 Obtain product training.
4 Install Sterling B2B Integrator.
5 Tune Sterling B2B Integrator.
6 Configure permissions and set up user accounts.
7 Configure services and adapters.
8 Create or migrate translation maps.
9 Create business process models.
10 Schedule the business process models.
11 Associate communication adapters with business processes.
12 Create trading partner profiles.
13 Test business processes.
14 Schedule archiving and purging.