File transfer resumption

With file transfer resumptions, active file transfers that are interrupted, disrupted, or stopped can be resumed because the Global Mailbox saves data prior to the occurrence of errors.

If an active file transfer is interrupted due to a network error, the protocol adapter getting disrupted or stopped, or the Sterling B2B Integrator node going down, the Global Mailbox saves the data that was uploaded before the error occurred.

To support transfer resumption, the server adapters in Sterling B2B Integrator store the incomplete files in a temporary document staging area. This allows FTP and SFTP clients to resume a transfer. File transfer is resumed on another server in the same data center.

With Load balancer, if an FTP server adapter from a specific data center goes down, an error occurs. When you resume the file transfer, a connection is established to the existing data center if the data center is not down and the file upload is successfully resumed.

However, if the data center is down, and a connection to the other data center is attempted, then resume fails. In this case, file resumption is possible only in the data center in which the file was initially uploaded.