Administrative users

Administrative users in Sterling B2B Integrator (admins) are granted all permissions in Global Mailbox.

When a service or adapter is configured with a repository type of Global Mailbox, a user designated as a Sterling B2B Integrator administrator is granted all rights and permissions to Global Mailbox resources, without having to specifically add them. There is no scenario whereby a Sterling B2B Integrator administrator gets a permission denied or authorization exception type error because they have all permissions within Global Mailbox.

The virtual root must be set for each admin user in Global Mailbox. If an admin user without a Global Mailbox virtual root accesses an FTP or SFTP server adapter that is enabled for Global Mailbox, the user is directed to traditional mailboxes and not to Global Mailbox.

Admins can directly access the Global Mailbox management tool from Sterling B2B Integrator if single sign-on is configured. Admins must have the necessary permissions in Sterling B2B Integrator to access the Global Mailbox management tool by single sign-on.

In Global Mailbox, admins are not listed on pages where permissions are assigned. Permissions for admins cannot be restricted.