Sample Operating System Level Failover: Windows Cluster Installation (Local Drive)

You can create an operating system level failover with a Windows Cluster Installation (Local Drive).

Install Sterling B2B Integrator on machine 1 using the local drive from machine 1 at port xxxxx. Do not override the default IP address during the installation or use the default machine 1 IP address. Apply service packs that needs to be applied as well.
  1. Start Sterling B2B Integrator on machine 1 and make sure the application is coming up successfully.
  2. Get the cluster name and cluster IP address of the Windows cluster configured and setup.
  3. Go to the install_dir/install/properties dir. Backup sandbox.cfg and do the following changes:
    EXT_HOST_ADDR= cluster IP address
    HOST_NAME=cluster IP address
    LOCALHOST=cluster IP address
  4. Repeat the above installation procedure and testing in machine 2 nodes base port. Sterling B2B Integrator must be installed in a local drive tested first.