Sample Operating System Level Failover: Bringing an Application Resource Online from Cluster Administrator

You can bring an application resource online from Cluster Administrator.


  1. Go to cluster Administrator and Open connection to cluster configured.
  2. Select resources from Cluster Administrator
  3. Select - Add New resource
    • Provide a name of the resource - application at port xxxx
    • Description
    • Resource Type - Generic Service
    • Group - Cluster group that is configured
  4. Go to the next:
    • Select the nodes that needs to participate for this resource in this cluster
  5. Go to the next:
    • Dependencies - Just select Cluster IP address (IP takeover - on failover)
  6. Go to next:
    • Service name - application service name which is "application at port xxxx"
    • No service parameters are required
  7. Hit Finish

    This should create an entry for the new resource created with "application at port xxx" as the name in cluster administrator. Sterling B2B Integrator is now configured to do failover.