v6.1.2.0 changes

From v6.1.2.0, there are a few changes introduced to deploy myfg.war file on ASI nodes.

Perform these steps:
  1. Edit the values.yaml file.
    1. Open the respective ports in ASI frontend service by updating below attribute.
            - name: myfg
              port: 30038
              targetPort: 30038
              nodePort: 30038
              protocol: TCP
      Note: The name of extraPort in myFileGateway 2.0 must be "myfg".
    2. Create extra route paths for gateway application in values.yaml for ASI.
             - routePrefix: "gateway"
               path: "/gateway "
               servicePort: "myfg"
               enableHttps: <true or false based on SSL settings in HTTP Server Adapter> 
      Note: The name of servicePort in myFileGateway 2.0 must be "myfg".
    3. Update the internal port/protocol details for adapter configurations using below properties.
      asi.myFgAccess.myFgPort and asi.myFgAccess.myFgProtocol
            myFgPort: <HTTP Server Adapter internal port where myFG is deployed>
            myFgProtocol: <HTTP Server Adapter internal protocol where myFG is deployed>
  2. Install or upgrade the Helm chart.
  3. If myFG is deployed on the HTTP server adapter and TLS is enabled, you must patch both myFG and gateway routes manually.
Note: If you set enableHttps to true, then you must patch the myFG and gateway routes with the certificate used during HTTP Server Adapter configuration. In case the HTTP Server Adapter is using ASISslCert, then patch myFG and gateway routes with CA ASISslCert certificate.