System certificates with 2048 key strength for NIST 800-131a compliance

Sterling B2B Integrator includes updated certificates from 1024 key strength and SHA1withRSA signature algorithm to 2048 key strength and SHA256withRSA signature algorithm for these system certificates:

  • OpsDrv
  • OpsKey
  • B2BHttp
  • UIKey
  • ASISsICert
  • DEfDBCrypt
  • doccrypto2
    doccrypto2 is an updated name for NIST 800-131a compliance. doccrypto will remain in the system to allow decryption of legacy documents that are encrypted by it; however, any new documents encrypted with this new certificate after the patch upgrade will be decrypted with doccrypto2.

SHA256 is supported in Sterling B2B Integrator default mode, when not in NIST 800-131a compliance mode.