WebSphere MQ and the Global Mailbox system

A highly available WebSphere® MQ is required to notify Sterling B2B Integrator about the events related to Global Mailbox. For example, when a message is added to a Global Mailbox, an event is raised based on event rule configuration and put in the queue.

Appropriate event rules must be configured for the messages for further processing. Sterling B2B Integrator processes the messages based on the event rule configuration. This is equivalent to the Routing Rule feature in the traditional Sterling B2B Integrator mailboxes.

For high availability, each data center must have an active queue manager and a standby queue manager for WebSphere MQ to send events to Sterling B2B Integrator. For more information, see Failover or switchover and Using IBM MQ with high availability configurations.

For information to set up and configure WebSphere MQ, see WebSphere MQ in IBM® Knowledge Center.