Ways to Search for Business Process Instances

The Business Process Monitor may not always display the information you need. You can search for business process instances three ways: basic, advanced, or correlation.

At times the Business Process Monitor may not display the information you need. You have three ways to search for information about your processing:

  • Basic – You can use the Central Search wizard to search for information about current and completed business process instances, which is particularly useful when the instance you need is not displayed in the Business Process Monitor. In the Central Search pages, you can specify the search criteria to locate business process instances.
  • Advanced – Using the Advanced Search pages, you can refine your search and also search for more detailed business process information, including:
    • Active business process instances in Sterling B2B Integrator
    • Business process instances restored from an offline location
    • IBM® Sterling Gentran:Server® for UNIX Life Cycle records (for Sterling B2B Integrator customers who have enabled this feature)
    • Documents that are processing or processed as a result of a business process
    • EDI records for business process instances that included EDI interchange processing

      Because some criteria may not apply to your business needs, you can customize the display of some of the Advanced Search pages.

  • Correlation – The correlation search tools enable you to locate the instance you need by searching for correlated name-value pairs (such as Invoice Number/PO123) associated with the instance. Correlation data is either automatically generated by Sterling B2B Integrator services or is generated according to the business process model or services configuration. Correlation search types for business process instances include:
    • Standard Correlation Search – Use correlation data to search live or restore tables
    • Business Process Specification Schema (BPSS) – Correlations that define a standard structure of the activities within a business process
    • EDI correlations – Created by business processes that include deenveloping, enveloping, and functional acknowledgment generation services, such as the EDI Encoder, EDI Enveloping, and EDI Overdue Acknowledgment Check, to perform document exchange

You can search for business process instances by location, ID, and business process name.