Monitoring service

The WebSphere MQ service is automatically started when the first B2Bi Protocol Adapter is started. It consists of a single thread that periodically tests the connection to WebSphere MQ on the local data center. If the connection is lost, a flag is raised. During the creation of messages, when the flag is set, an exception occurs and the messages are not created before the payload data is uploaded.

Testing connections to remote data centers

The WebSphere MQ service is started from the Global Mailbox Admin Server to support automatic failover. The WebSphere MQ service tests the connections to WebSphere MQ from not just the local data centers, but from all data centers.

For the WebSphere MQ service to test connections, the WebSphere MQ hosts for the remote data centers must be accessible from the local data center. Appropriate firewall rules must be used for the WebSphere MQ hosts to accept traffic from remote data centers.

Customizing the WebSphere MQ service

The WebSphere MQ service can be customized to define how often to test the connection to WebSphere MQ in seconds by setting the following property in on B2Bi,, or file: Default = 5

To disable the WMQ Monitoring Service, specify 0 for interval.

heathCheckUtility script

The healthCheckUtility script is used to check the health of B2Bi protocol adapters and to generate health messages. The script is used to configure a special file that can be downloaded by the the load balancer to test the health of the system.