Using the OnFault Group in the GPM

The Graphical Process Modeler contains an OnFault Group in the Business Process Modeling Language stencil. The OnFault Group may contain one onFault element or many onFault elements.You must configure the OnFault Group in order to modify or create an onFault element.

In the Property Editor there is an Add button that will add additional elements as needed. Configure an onFault element by doing the following:

  1. From the workspace, select the OnFault Group icon where you want to view an element editor.
  2. To access the element editor where the onFault element can be modified or additional onFault elements can be added to the OnFault Group, select Properties from the Edit menu.
  3. Click in the Name or Error Value field.
  4. Click the view button.
  5. The Workspace will contain an OnFault Start and an OnFault End.
  6. Add the process you want to run when the fault specified in the Error Value field occurs.
    Note: The Error Value field must match an error in GIS for that element to execute. If you leave the Error Value field blank, all errors will execute that branch unless the specific error has its own element. The first onFault element could have a specific value and the second element could be blank. That way the specific error would execute the first element and all other errors would execute the second branch.