Creating a Business Process Definition

A business process definition is the name and some additional processing instructions that you assign to a business process model when you check it in to Sterling B2B Integrator for the first time.

You create the business process definition during the check-in process:

  • During the Add (check in) process in the GPM
  • When you create a new process definition in Sterling B2B Integrator interface

    Create a definition only the first time you check in a business process model. Then, any time you check it out later and check it back in again, check in a new version of this definition, unless you want to save another copy of the business process model in Sterling B2B Integrator, with a new name.

The name you assign in the process definition is the identifiable name used to indicate the process throughout Sterling B2B Integrator interface and Sterling B2B Integrator and GPM Source managers.