Business Process Model Processing Options

When you check in a business process model, the system prompts you to set a variety of processing options. You can configure archiving of related data, document storage and tracking, persistence levels, and many other features, according to your business needs.

If you are using a clustered installation of Sterling B2B Integrator, you can specify the specific node you want the process to run on.

Your selections may affect system performance, error handling, amount and type of data available for monitoring events, and so forth, so be sure to review the options described here before you check in a business process model, and determine which selections are appropriate for your needs (you can modify them as needed later by re-checking in the process model).

Remember that some processing options can be set at the global level for the entire system and some within the BPML for a process model. These settings may or may not override settings you make at the business process level, depending on the options you choose. The field descriptions indicate which settings override other settings.