Business Process Model Planning Stages

There are 7 planning stages for your business process model that range from identifying your business needs to identifying your needs for visibility into active and completed process activity.

The following table lists the phases of business process development, with a link to detailed instructions:

Stage You must identify: For details, see:
1 Your business needs Identifying Business NeedsIdentifying Business Needs
2 The separate activities that make up the process of fulfilling your business needs Identifying Activities in a Business ProcessIdentifying Activities in a Business Process
3 Logical and manageable groups of activities within the process that can be developed as subprocesses Identifying SubprocessesIdentifying Subprocesses
4 Steps where the process can be automated Identifying Opportunities for AutomationIdentifying Opportunities for Automation
5 Integration points between steps Identifying Integration Points in Your ProcessIdentifying Integration Points in Your Process
6 The most efficient structure for your business process model Organizing Your Business Process ModelsOrganizing Your Business Process Models
7 Your needs for visibility into active and completed process activity Maximizing Visibility Into Business ProcessesMaximizing Visibility Into Business Processes

In creating your architectural design plan, you may have completed some of these stages for all or some of the process models you will create.

The topics describing each of the planning stages provide details, instructions, and an example process that continues from stage to stage. Proceed through the stages in sequence for the complete planning process.

Remember that the information provided here may not apply to every scenario; consider it a general baseline for all scenarios.