Creating Unique Name-Value Pairs

You can create unique name-value pairs for a service.

About this task

To create unique name-value pairs for a service:


  1. To display the Service editor, select the icon representing the service or adapter and click Properties.
  2. Click Advanced to display the Advanced Editor.
  3. Click Add to display the Name and Value columns.
  4. Under the Name column, type a unique name to describe the value in the field.
  5. Under the Value column, type a character or XPath expression that describes the value in the field.
    Note: To use the XPath Expression Builder to help you create an XPath expression, click the ellipses button to display the Value of Null dialog box, and then click the button to the right of the Value field to display the XPath Expression Builder. See Adding XPath Expressions to Service Configurations in the GPM.
  6. Under the Use XPath? column, enable the field to indicate that you are using an XPath expression for the value, and then click Add.
  7. Repeat steps 1 - 6 until you finish creating name-value pairs for this service or adapter.