Business Process Model Deletion Procedure

You can delete business process models in 4 easy steps, but you should first ensure that by deleting it does not interfere with other business processes or subsequent services from running.

About this task

Note: Identify any uses of the business process model to ensure that deleting it does not prevent other business processes and subsequent services from running.


  1. From the Business Process menu, select Manager.
  2. Search for the business process you want to delete.
  3. In the Business Process Manager search results page, click source manager next to the appropriate business process model.
  4. Do you want to delete one version of the business process, or all versions of the business process model?
    • To delete one version of the business process model:
      • Next to the version, under Delete, select the check box.
      • For Delete Selected Versions, click Go!
    • To delete all versions of this business process model, next to Delete All Versions, click Go!