Checking Out a Process Model in the Sterling B2B Integrator Interface

When you check a business process model out of Sterling B2B Integrator, you save it to your client computer. You can then open the checked-out .bp file in the Graphical Process Modeler.

About this task

To open the checked out .bp file in the GPM (editing a business process model in the interface uses a different check-out procedure), see Modifying a Business Process Model Using the Text EditorModifying a Business Process Model Using the Text Editor.

During the check-out procedure, Sterling B2B Integrator prompts you to lock the business process. Locking the business process not only prevents others from checking out the same business process, it also prevents the possibility of inadvertently replacing an existing business process. If you do not lock the process in Sterling B2B Integrator, you cannot check in a new version of it, although you can check it in as a new process model.

You can also check out a read-only copy of the process model. Using the read-only copy enables you to view and modify the business process model (in the GPM only, until you check it in to Sterling B2B Integrator), but you must save it with a new name. Use this option if you want to create a new business process model using an existing one as the basis for it.


  1. From the Business Process menu, select Manager.
  2. Type all or part of the name for the business process you want to modify into the Search box and click Go!
  3. Click source manager next to the business process you want to modify.
  4. Click check out next to the business process.
  5. Determine whether to lock the file by completing one of following steps:
    • To check out the business process for modification, click OK. Use this option to create an updated version of the process model in the GPM or the text editor.
    • To check out a read-only copy of the business process without locking it, click Cancel. Use this option to view the model in the GPM or to use it as the foundation for a new business process model (in this case you must open it in the GPM and save it with a new name).
  6. In the File Download dialog box, click Save.
  7. In the Save as dialog box, select a directory on your client computer and click Save to begin downloading the business process document.
  8. When the download completes, close the Download dialog box, if it remains open.
  9. Open the directory where you downloaded the file for the business process and open the file in the GPM to begin modifying it.


After you have modified a business process model, you must check it back in to Sterling B2B Integrator so that you can run it. For information, see Implementing Business Process ModelsImplementing Business Process Models.