Uninstall Sterling B2B Integrator

Before you begin

If you have installed Sterling B2B Integrator software using IIM, then perform these steps to unregister Sterling B2B Integrator packages from the IIM registry:
  • Launch IIM.

  • Click Uninstall and select the required Sterling B2B Integrator package (Media or Fix Pack).

  • Confirm and click Uninstall.


To uninstall Sterling B2B Integrator, complete the following steps:

  1. Stop Sterling B2B Integrator and wait for shutdown to complete.
    • For Windows: Navigate to \<install_dir<\bin and run StopWindowsService.cmd.
    • For Unix/Linux: Navigate to /<install_dir>/bin and run ./hardstop.sh.
    Important: If you begin removing files before all business processes and the system is stopped, you may be unable to remove the software successfully.
  2. Back up the file system and database.

    This step is optional. However, by backing up the file system and database, you ensure that Sterling B2B Integrator is completely recoverable.

  3. Remove the installation directory by entering the following command in the parent directory of your installation directory:
    • For Window: rd /s /q \<install_dir>
    • For Unix/Linux: rm -rf install_dir
  4. If you use an Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, or DB2 database, these remain intact even after you remove Sterling B2B Integrator from the server. If you no longer want to reference the data, contact your database administrator about removing unwanted tables and recovering the database space where Sterling B2B Integrator used to reside.
  5. Manually remove the JDK:
    1. Navigate into the _uninst subdirectory of your JDK installation directory
    2. Run the following command:
      • For Windows: uninstall.cmd
      • For Unix/Linux: ./uninstall.sh
  6. After you remove Sterling B2B Integrator from the server, you can remove Eclipse, and any tools that were downloaded to the desktop.