Configuring Transactional Processing

You can either use the Begin and End Transaction Services in your business processes or you can enable transactions during the Business Process check-in.

There are two ways to enable transactions in Sterling B2B Integrator so that when a rollback occurs, no data is committed; data returns to its pre-process state.

Note: Within transactions, if a service is using data produced from a previous service (it may be internal to Sterling B2B Integrator) and the databasePool transaction was set to false (databasePool.transaction is defined in, sometimes Sterling B2B Integrator appears locked. This lock situation is caused by the transaction isolation level setting in the database. For example, read_committed (default for DB2®), because the transaction of the business process has not been committed, the database can not operate on the data outside the scope of the current transaction. To avoid this lock situation, use the Begin and End Transaction service in the business process and have the service that does not use transactional pool be excluded from the transaction.