Creating mailboxes and submailboxes

Create mailboxes with submailboxes in the structure that serves your business needs.

To create a new mailbox or submailbox:

  1. From the Mailboxes page, the Submailboxes tab, click Create Submailbox.
    The parent mailbox name is displayed. Mailboxes at the first level are submailboxes of the root.
  2. Enter a name or path for the new submailbox.
    Mailbox names are case-insensitive. Names are displayed in the case entered, but are matched to a search for any case characters. You cannot duplicate an existing name, even if the case is different. Mailbox names can contain up to 255 characters, with any except the following characters:
    • Tab
    • New line
    • Carriage return
    • Forward slash (/) - reserved for directory path notation. The path can contain intermediate levels that do not already exist that are to be created when the submailbox is created. The first character of the mailbox name cannot be /.
    • Backslash (\)
    • Control characters
  3. Click Create.
    The new submailbox is displayed in the specified directory structure under Root.