Verifying the WebSphere MQ location

After Global Mailbox is upgraded successfully, the administrator must verify that the location of the WebSphere MQ server is updated in the and wmq_jms.xml files.


To verify the WebSphere MQ server location, complete the following steps:

  1. Go to the /SIGM_MultiDC/wlp/usr/servers/mailboxui directory.
  2. Open the wmq_jms.xml file and verify whether the wmq_connection_list parameter is defined in the file.
  3. If the wmq_connection_list is defined in the wmq_jms.xml file, define the wmq_connection_list in the file also and comment out the wmq_host_name and wmq_host_port parameters.

    For example, you can list the server IP addresses for wmq_connection_list such as ",".

  4. If the wmq_connection_list is not defined in the wmq_jms.xml file, ensure that the wmq_host_name and wmq_host_port parameters are defined in the file.