Validating the migration of events after upgrade

In Global Mailbox, events are processed and stored differently. When you upgrade to a later version, a scheduled job is created by the IBM Installation Manager to migrate old events to the new format. The job starts when you start the Global Mailbox Management node. You can run a command to validate that the scheduled job is completed successfully. If the scheduled job is not successful, events that are created before the upgrade cannot be resent.

Before you begin

Before you run the command to validate the migration of events, ensure that all Cassandra nodes in all data centers are running. Even if one Cassandra node is not running, the job fails.


To validate that existing events are migrated successfully, complete the following steps:

  1. After Global Mailbox is upgraded, start Cassandra, Zookeeper, and Global Mailbox Admin in all nodes and data centers.
  2. Run the following command on any Global Mailbox node:
    ./ showJobStatus --jobName=EventStateTableMigrationJob --adminUser=admin --adminPassword=<password>
  3. If the Trigger State shows Running, wait until the job is over.

    If the Trigger State shows Final, the job is completed.

  4. View the Completion status and Completion message to understand if the job is completed successfully or failed.


If the Completion status is Successful, the events are migrated successfully.

What to do next

If the Completion status is Failed, view the error details in the messages.log file.