Updating the Global Mailbox Management Node binaries

Before you begin

Prepare for the update. For more information, see Upgrading Global Mailbox.
Warning: Do not update Sterling B2B Integrator before updating Global Mailbox. Sterling B2B Integrator and Global Mailbox should be updated at the same time.

About this task

To update Global Mailbox binaries:


  1. Ensure all Sterling B2B Integrator and Global Mailbox processes on all nodes are stopped.
  2. Ensure that the updated Cassandra and ZooKeeper nodes are running and nodetool status reflects UN Up Normal for all Cassandra nodes in the cluster.
    Tip: To run nodetool, JAVA_HOME must be set to the location of IBM JDK 8.
    Important: If you are using JDK 8 SR7 FP 15 and higher, you must use TLS 1.2 or higher for upgrading Cassandra and ZooKeeper.
  3. Update the initial Global Mailbox node first, then update each additional Global Mailbox node in all data centers.
  4. Start the Installation Manager.
  5. Click Global Mailbox > Next to open the package group.
  6. For the initial node in Installation Scenarios, select the appropriate Sterling B2B Integrator options and then Initial Global Mailbox Node. For each additional node, select the appropriate Sterling B2B Integrator options and then Additional Global Mailbox Node.
  7. Select Version > Update.

    The following files are updated on each Global Mailbox node as part of this procedure:

    • Global Mailbox property files (bootstrap.properties and mailbox.properties)
    • The WebSphere Liberty server.xml file
    • SSL configuration
  8. Repeat steps 4 through 7 for all of the nodes sequentially within the data center and for all data centers, selecting Additional Global Mailbox Node instead of Initial Global Mailbox Node.
    Tip: During the update, Installation Manager keeps a copy of the ports specified during installation and uses the same port numbers when it builds a response file. The response file generated after changing the ports carries the old ports entry, but you can use the same response file for updating all other nodes successfully.


The installer updates the Global Mailbox Management Node binaries, the Cassandra nodes, and the ZooKeeper nodes. Settings from the previous version are retained.