Configuring the GMCA and myFileGateway in an Adapter Container

For new installations, the Global Mailbox Client Adapter (GMCA), Event Rule Adapter (ERA), and myFileGateway are installed in the ASI node by default. During upgrades, the ERA is automatically moved to the ASI node. The GMCA is upgraded in the container adapter node and a copy of GMCA is created in the ASI node.

To run myFileGateway on an Adapter container node, complete the following steps:

  1. Create a copy of an existing Global Mailbox Client Adapter.
  2. Configure an instance of the HTTP Server Adapter to run on the Adapter Container by specifying /myfilegateway in the URI field.
  3. In the Enter WAR File Path field, specify an appropriate path for the Sterling File Gateway WAR file. For example, install/container/Applications/myfilegateway.war.
    Note: The GMCA must be installed and configured on any node that has an adapter or service to access the Global Mailbox functionality. For example, to run a Global Mailbox enabled FTP Server Adapter on an Adapter Container node, you must also have a Global Mailbox Client Adapter on that node.

Even after GMCA, ERA, and Protocol Adapter are all installed in the ASI node, you can create a copy of the GMCA and define a Protocol Adapter on the AC node.

Note: Files are always processed on the ASI node even when myFileGateway runs on the Adapter Container.