Download and Install the IBM Sterling Standards Database for SWIFT Database

About this task

Before you install the Sterling Standards Database for SWIFT database on your desktop, consider these guidelines:

  • Download the Sterling B2B Integrator Map Editor.
  • For the most current version of the SWIFT standard, contact IBM® Customer Support.
  • Be sure your desktop meets the Windows Client requirements listed in the System Requirements.

To download and install the Sterling Standards Database for SWIFT database:


  1. From the Sterling B2B Integrator Deployment menu, select Standards.
  2. In the Download and Install section next to Download SWIFT Standards, click Go!
  3. Click Save to save the executable file and then double-click the file and click Run to start the install.
  4. You are prompted to choose the setup language (that is, the language in which the installation instructions will be given). Select the setup language and click Next.
    Note: The Standards installation program is available in the following languages: English, Français (France), Deutsche (Germany), Italiano (Italy), Japanese (Japan), Korean (Korea), Português (Brazil), Español (Spain), Simplified Chinese (China), and Traditional Chinese (Taiwan).
  5. In the Welcome window, click Next.
  6. In the Choose Destination Location window, select where you want to install the standards database:
    • If you accept the default location, click Next.
    • If you want to specify a different location, click Browse, specify the path to the folder, click OK, and click Next.

      If you specify a folder name that does not exist, the installation program displays a message asking if you want to create that folder.

  7. In the Select Components window, verify that SWIFTStandardDatabase, SWIFTMarketPractice, and ExtendedRuleLibrary are selected and click Next.

    The download wizard installs the Sterling Standards Database for SWIFT database.

  8. In the Setup Complete window, click Finish.