ebXML Manifest Creation service

The ebXML Manifest Creation service creates eb:Manifest and payloads node before constructing ebXML outbound messages.

The following table provides an overview of the ebXML Manifest Creation service.

System name ManifestPayloadService
Graphical Process Modeler (GPM) categories All Services, Internet B2B > ebXML
Description Create eb:Manifest and payloads node before constructing ebXML outbound message.
Business usage Used for creating eb:Manifest and payloads node based on documents/document.
Usage example A business process that needs to create eb:Manifeset and payloads with documents/document input structure can invoke this service by passing the required parameters.
Preconfigured? No
Requires third-party files? No
Platform availability All supported Sterling B2B Integrator platforms
Related services No
Application requirements No
Initiates business processes? No
Invocation Runs as part of a business process.
Business process context considerations No
Returned status values None
Restrictions No
Persistence level System default
Testing considerations To test a configuration of this service, provide the documents/document structure.

Output from Service to Business Process

The following table describes the output from the service to the business process:

Parameter Description
eb:Manifest Manifest information prepared for SOAP-ENV:Body.
payloads Payload information prepared for mime:message/mime:body

Output from Business Process to Service

The following table describes the output from the business process to the service:

Parameter Description
documents A node contains the document information. Required.

Business Process Example

The following example illustrates using this service in a business process:

<process name="testManifestandPayloadService"> 
     <operation name="CreateManifestPayload"> 
        <participant name="ManifestPayloadService"/> 
        <output message="ManifestPayloadInputMessage"> 
            <assign to="outboundDoc" from="documents/node()"/> 
        <input message="ManifestPayloadOutputMessage"> 
            <assign to="." from="Manifest/node()"/> 
            <assign to="." from="Payload/node()"/> 

Implementing the ebXML Manifest Creation service

To implement this service for use in a business process:
  1. Create an ebXML Manifest Creation service configuration. See Managing Services and Adapters.
  2. Use the ebXML Manifest Creation service in a business process.