BP Report Service

The BP Report service generates lists of business processes in halting, active, or waiting_on_io states.

The following table provides an overview of the BP Report service:

System name BP Report Service
Graphical Process Modeler (GPM) categories All Services
Description Use the BP Report service to generate reports that contain a list of buisness process instance IDs that are not longer running and their states match the state you specify in the business process configuration. You can specify the following states of the business processes in the business process configuration:
  • Halting
  • Active
  • Waiting_on_io
Business usage Use this service to generate a list of business processes in one or more of the following states:
  • Halting
  • Active
  • Waiting_on_io
Preconfigured? No
Requires third-party files? No
Platform availability All supported Sterling B2B Integrator platforms
Related services None
Application requirements N/A
Initiates business processes? No
Invocation This service is invoked from a business process.
Business process context considerations None
Returned status values Returned status values:
  • wfc.setBasicStatus(WorkFlowContext.SUCCESS)
  • wfc.setBasicStatus(WorkFlowContext.ERROR)
Restrictions N/A
Persistence level System Default
Testing considerations None

Output from Business Process to Service

The following table contains the parameters passed from the business process to the BP Report service:

Field Description
STATE Specify the state of the business process for which you want to generate a report. Requiired. Valid values are:
  • Halting
  • Active
  • Waiting_on_io
The default value is Active.
showReport View the details in the status report, such as, the queue the business process was or is in.
termInvalidWFD Terminate a business process in one of the following states when the business process definition no longer exists in the system:
  • halted
  • interrupted_auto
  • interrupted_man

Business Process Example

The following example business process illustrates by using the BP Report service:

<operation name="2">
      <participant name="BPReportService"/>
      <output message="Xout">
      	<assign to="STATE">active,halting</assign>
        <assign to="." from="*"></assign>
      <input message="Xin">
        <assign to="." from="*"></assign>