Edit PGP Secret Key

You can edit a PGP Secret Key under the Administration Menu through the PGP Secret Key menu option.

About this task

Follow these steps:


  1. From the Administration menu, select Trading Partner > PGP > PGP Secret Key.
  2. Search for the PGP Secret Key Name and click Go!.


    Next to List Alphabetically, click Go!.
  3. Click edit next to the key you want to edit.
  4. Revise the following fields:.
    • Key Validity (days): The new value adds up to the current date and modifies the validity of the key (in days).
    • Validate Expiry: Select or clear the checkbox, as required.
      Note: If you want to use the expired keys, you can disable the Validity Expiry checkbox and then perform the cryptographic operations using these keys.
    • Key Usages: Select or clear the checkbox, as required.
      Note: The Certify Key Usage is mandatory.
  5. Review the values on the Confirm page and click Finish.
  6. Click Save.