Create PGP Secret Key

You can create a new Secret Key from the PGP Secret Key page.

Follow these steps:

  1. From the Administration menu, select Trading Partner > PGP > PGP Secret Key.
  2. Next to Create a new PGP Secret Key, click Go!.
  3. Enter the following information and click Next.
    Field Name Description
    Key Name Required. Unique name of the PGP Secret Key.
    User Name Required. Name of the user of the PGP Secret Key.
    Note: You can also use an email address as the Username.
    Key Algorithm Required. Select the key algorithm as RSA or DSA.
    Key Strength Required. Select the Key Strength value as per the Key Algorithm. For RSA, the values are 1024, 2048, 3072, and 4096 and for DSA 1024, 2048, and 3072.
    Key Password Required. Password of the Secret Key.
    Note: You must set the password to a minimum length of 8 characters.
    Key Validity (days) Required. Number of days the Secret Key is valid. The default value is '0', which sets validity period of a lifetime.
    Validate Expiry Optional. Key expiry validation during runtime.
    If you select the check box and the key has expired, the system stops the cryptographic operation. If you clear the check box and the key has expired, the system continues to perform the operation.
    Key Usages Required. Specifies the key usage and the supported types are Signing, Certify, Encrypt, and Authenticate.
    • The Certify Key Usage is mandatory.
    • Every key usage has a distinct cryptographic operation and performs only the specified function.
  4. After completing the PGP Secret Key configuration, review the settings on the Confirm page and click Finish.