Customer support for downloading installation items

Use this topic to find information about customer support for Passport Advantage and Fix Central.

Customer support for the Passport Advantage

If you face issues in signing into Passport Advantage, or locating and downloading software, contact eCustomer care. For more information, see eCustomer care contact information.

  • The required software package is missing or not visible on the Passport Advantage site even after the eCustomer care team confirms product entitlement for you.
  • The downloaded package from the Passport Advantage site is corrupted or the package contains wrong files.

Customer support for Fix Central

If you get an entitlement error while you are downloading software from Fix Central, contact Customer Support. To contact, click the Feedback link in the page where you get the error, and provide the following information.

  • Product for which you are attempting to download a fix
  • Your IBM ID
  • Customer account number and site number