Troubleshoot a Failed User Login

Repeatedly entering an invalid User ID or password can lock you out of the system, and you need to troubleshoot the system to successfully log in.

If you fail to log in to IBM® Sterling B2B Integrator, consider the following factors:
  • Passwords are case-sensitive. Check whether the Caps Lock key is off.
  • Repeatedly entering an invalid User ID and Password can lock you out of the system. The system administrator configures the number of failed login attempts that are allowed.
If you are locked out, try the following strategies:
  • Log in using any other computer that has access to IBM Sterling B2B Integrator. Lock outs affect only the computer being used and do not apply to the User ID or Password being attempted.
  • Wait for thirty minutes, which is the duration of the lock out. Then try again using the same computer.
  • Request the system administrator to deactivate the lock. The administrator uses the Lock Manager page in IBM Sterling B2B Integrator to deactivate the lock.