Lock Out Parameter

The lock out parameter specifies the number of consecutive failed login attempts that are allowed before a user is locked out of the application.

By default, the lock out parameter (ConsecFailedAttempts) is set to 0, which tells the login servlet to not lock users, regardless of the number of failures. System administrators can set this lock out number to any numeric value by editing the ui.properties.in file in the properties directory.

Make changes to the ui.properties.in file and not the ui.properties file. If you make changes to the ui.properties file, and restart the system, the changes you made to the ui.properties file are overwritten by the ui.properties.in file.
The ConsecFailedAttempts parameter controls the user lock out behavior for:
  • IBM® Sterling B2B Integrator Administration Menu
  • FTP Server Adapter
  • SSH/SFTP Server Adapter (for SFTP and SCP protocols)
  • MBI (Mailbox Browser Interface)