Upgrading Sterling B2B Integrator using Certified Containers

You can upgrade from previous versions of Sterling B2B Integrator using Helm chart installation on a Kubernetes-based container management platform.

As part of the Helm chart installation, the existing database is upgraded to the latest version of the application and the application is deployed on the container platform as per the configuration specified in the chart.

You can upgrade all the supported versions to the latest version using Certified Containers. For more information, see Upgrade Compatibility matrix. The previous versions can be installed using either IBM Installation Manager, Docker Containers, or Certified Containers. While upgrading a release installed using IBM Installation Manager or Docker Container, you must stop the application before proceeding with the upgrade. In case of a Docker installation you can make use of the docker stop and docker rm commands to stop and remove all Docker containers.

Before proceeding you must plan and prepare for an upgrade in the same way you prepare for an installation.
Note: It is recommended that you test this process thoroughly in a test or development environment before you implement in a production environment.