Sterling B2B Integrator Services and Adapters

Services and adapters are used to perform activities such as converting data formats, enveloping EDI data, or exchanging data or messages with a remote system.

Sterling B2B Integrator includes many services and adapters that can be built into business process models. This includes a host of configurable adapters ready for use in business processes for activities such as running legacy programs, ERP systems, Perl scripts, Java™ code, decision engines, defined subprocesses, or virtually any program. Adapters provide noninvasive integration with ERP, Supply Chain Management, Customer Relationship Management, other packaged applications, legacy applications, communications protocols, queuing solutions, and databases.

When the system is installed, the services and adapters are installed with it. Some services are included such as the HTTP Client adapter and the LightWeight JDBC adapter. Others are purchased as add-ons that are used for specific functions, such as RosettaNet or ACH standard-compliant messaging. You can use any of the services and adapters that are included in your product license. If you are not sure which services and adapters are part of your license agreement, contact your IBM sales representative for assistance.